Jaleel White Downplays Dancing With the Stars Tiff

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Jaleel White wants to set the record straight about the allegedly loud and heated fight with Kym Johnson, his Dancing With the Stars partner, in rehearsal.

Asked in a radio interview about it, White downplayed the incident, but first said that he couldn't believe how much celebrity gossip publications care.

"Let me tell you something about this show," he told MYfm's Valentine in the Morning. "I had no concept what a tabloid feeding frenzy this show is."

It is wild how much tabloid attention it gets for such family friendly entertainment, but it is among TV's biggest shows. In any case, White is uneasy about it.

"We get to rehearsal and theres like 20 idiots in the back...with cameras and videos," the 35-year-old actor said. "It sucks because this is our real lives."

As for the Us Weekly report that he shouted at Johnson to the point where producers had to break up a fight before it escalated, White says that's BS.

"We definitely had a disagreement last week," he explained. "But there was no fight broken up. Our disagreement was over some of the choreography."

"She didn't understand who Stefan Urquelle was."

Stefan, of course, being the nerdy Steve Urkel's more suave alter ego, who recurred several times throughout Family Matters' nine-year run.

The contestants had to dance routines inspired by the most memorable year of their lives; White picked the year that Steve first turned into Stefan.

The routine (above) earned the pair high marks and moved Jaleel to tears (below) afterward. Hey, Dancing With the Stars brings out the emotions!

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