Isabella Cells, Arizona Girl, Missing From Home

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Isabella Cells, 6, mysteriously disappeared without a trace from her bedroom last weekend in Tucson, Arizona, triggering a massive statewide search.

After his wife had left for work Saturday morning, Sergio Celis went into his young daughter's bedroom to wake her up for a day filled with activities.

Little Isabel wasn't there. After a quick search of their home, Celis called 911.

Isabella Cells Photo

In the last three days alone, more than 100 law enforcement officials, including FBI and U.S. Marshals, have scoured a Tucson, Ariz., neighborhood.

The search has included the Cells family's home, where police have found "suspicious circumstances," according to police chief Roberto Villasenor Monday.

"We have a window that was opened and a screen removed. We're labeling it as suspicious circumstances and a possible abduction," he told CNN.

Two search warrants were served and Isabel's parents have not been allowed back in the home they share along with two sons, according to reports.

The entire block has been cordoned off and only residents are allowed in.

Police say Sergio and wife Becky are cooperating. The couple was questioned separately for hours on Saturday, according to the Arizona Republic.

No one has been named as a person of interest.

"We want to keep our mind open because we don't want to miss any leads that may come in or any clues that may be there and that we don't see them because we're focused so blindly on something else," Villasenor says, sagely.

The 44-pound girl has hazel eyes, light brown braids and a smile missing two baby teeth. If you know anything, please contact your local officials.