Courtney Stodden Slams Blair Waldorf

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Forget Dair versus Chair. Another feud is brewing on Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf versus... Courtney Stodden?!?

On this week's episode of that CW drama, Dan and Blair lamented their boring roll in the sack via the following exchange:

Blair: "That was terrible... like the least sexy thing since Courtney Stodden.
Dan: I don't know who that is, but it's much worse."

Courtney Stodden in Los Angeles
Blair Waldorf Photo

Sort of funny, right? Not to the 17-year old piece of plastic who makes Kim Kardashian look talented.

"Oh Blair... If Dan was with me, I would have shown him a waaay better time! xxx #gossipgirl @gossipgirl," Courtney Tweeted in response, proving that she's far more adept at showing cleavage than a sense of humor.

Courtney Stodden, folks. You know you don't love her.

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