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Infamous mass murderer Charles Manson just lost his latest parole bid … stunning.

The hearing took place at Corcoran State Prison in California, where Manson, convicted of seven murders in 1969, has now been denied an even dozen times.

At the age of 77, this was probably his last shot at parole, as Sharon Tate’s killer’s case cannot be heard again for another 15 years from yesterday.

Of course, he was never going to get out anyway, so it’s a moot point.

Robby Anderson Mugshot

Only one “Manson Family” member convicted of murder has been paroled. Steve Grogan is out, having been released in 1985 for aiding the authorities and good behavior.

Charles Manson was originally sentenced to death row in 1972, but his sentence was commuted after the California death penalty was declared unconstitutional.