Steve Hirsch on Octomom Nude Pics: Weak!

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Octomom's topless photo shoot in Closer Magazine, which hit the Internet yesterday, didn't exactly impress Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment fame.

From a business perspective at least.

Yes, the Octomom nude pics were eye-opening from a certain standpoint, but Hirsch can't believe how much she just lowered her XXX market value.

Octo Pic

Hirsch, if you recall, offered Octo (a.k.a. Nadya Suleman) $1 MILLION in 2009 to star in a movie with his company. She shot that offer down hard.

Ditto the $500,000 offer he made her in 2010 for ONE SCENE. The point of all this? Closer allegedly paid her a modest 10 grand for the nude pics.

Citing a "market correction," yet intrigued by Nadya's sudden willingness to get naked, Hirsch is making her another offer to join the Vivid ranks.

The deal: $100,000 to appear in THREE hardcore sex scenes. A million bucks was so '09. "Regrettably your market value has diminished," he says.

She might be desperate enough to strip down to pay rent, but nude stills are a far cry from getting probed on video. Don't hold your breath Steve.

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