Peter Cook Slams Christie Brinkley Interview as "Shameless"

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Peter Cook is not about to give his ex-wife what she wants.

A day after Christie Brinkley broke down alongside Matt Lauer (below) and said she simply desires "peace" from the man to whom she was married for 12 years - prior to an ugly, much-publicized affair - Cook has released a statement laying into the former model.

"Christie was entirely dishonest about the circumstances surrounding the current court action which was precipitated by her and… is doing further damage to our children," Cook says, railing on against his ex:

"I am also shocked by the blatant lies she told regarding our divorce proceedings of four years ago, including denying the indisputable fact that she fought for an open courtroom despite the warnings it would harm our children.

[Brinkley] will stop at nothing to continue the drama in our lives in order to harass me and keep herself relevant in the media."

Cook concluded by playing the kids' card again, stating:

"Clearly, Christie does not believe I was punished enough four years ago for my indiscretions in our marriage, but for the sake of our children I wish she would find a way to move on.”

And if she doesn't, Cook is glad to bash the heck out her in public again. For the sake of their children, of course.

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