Lindsay Lohan Hit-and-Run Witness: NO Grazing!

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Lindsay Lohan has only herself to blame for many of her problems over the years, but in the case of her alleged hit-and-run, she may actually be the victim.

An improbable eyewitness has jumped to the actress' defense over the incident, which took place outside a Hollywood nightclub early Wednesday morning.

A 16-year-old girl moonlighting as a paparazzo says that Lohan in no way struck a vehicle, much less a person, as the dude who went to the ER claims.

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The girl, identified by TMZ as only Sarah, went into the alley outside the Sayers Club to speak with Lindsay, who was already sitting in her parked car.

The manager of the adjacent Hookah Lounge appeared on his staircase and asked LiLo what she was doing, and she replied, "Don't worry we're leaving."

Sarah says she was trying to guide Lindsay out of the tight alleyway, which Lindsay successfully navigated and then left, escaping the chaos. The end.

Even more important, Sarah claims the hookah manager never left his staircase and was nowhere near Lindsay's Porsche, much less "grazed" by her.

Sarah says the manager then concocted the whole story that he and his car were struck by Lohan, promising, "[Lindsay] is definitely going to pay."

Somehow, after hearing Sarah's take, we doubt it.



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