Courtney Robertson Nude Photo Scandal, Plastic Surgery Alleged By Tabloid

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The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson isn't exactly a woman with a pristine reputation to start with, but there are even more skeletons in her closet, a tabloid claims.

Considering what we saw throughout the entire season of the show she - to the dismay of millions - won, the claims made by In Touch Weekly aren't shocking.

Whether they're true or not is a different story.

Courtney Robertson SECRETS!

With Ben Flajnik still trying to run damage control over his obvious ass grabbing pics, Courtney has been hiding some pretty racy stuff from her fiance, as well.

Chief among that stuff? Courtney Robertson nude photos.

The model did a full-on naked Playboy shoot, In Touch reports, plastering a little tease of one photo on the cover, which also claims she had a boob job.

The Playboy pics we can see ... the boob job not so much. There's plenty about Court that appears fake, sure, but her chest is not included on that list.

In Touch, which also hints at some (less-scandalous) Emily Maynard secrets, is clearly jumping on the Bash Courtney Bandwagon, but to what end?

Even if these claims are true, does anyone really care?

Bottom line: Ben Flajnik watched Courtney Robertson act like a catty, bratty, borderline sociopathic beeyotch all winter, and is still with her right now.

Nude pics and fake boobs aren't about to faze him. Heck, he would probably be pretty stoked, given that he made his decision on the finale with his ...

Yeah. Anyway, do you think the engaged pair will last?

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