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Beyonce… Pink… Mariah Carey… Fergie… Britney Spears.

Big names continue to be bantered about for the two open judging spots on The X Factor, but Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid told reporters on a conference call yesterday that they couldn’t comment on any of the rumors. Except for Reid saying this:

“The only thing you can count on is we will likely have two girls. That we can confirm.”

This Is Simon Cowell
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Cowell, meanwhile, said the show would find some way to honor the late Whitney Houston:

“I have a feeling that they may do a Whitney show on The Voice or Idol before us. We have to do it in a different way. We will continue to pay tribute to Whitney. We love her, we love her songs.”

What about Simon’s dream of setting up a battle between X Factor, The Voice and American Idol champions?

“I was disappointed with the reactions from the other two shows,” Cowell said. “I like the idea of the Super Finals. I thought it would be something different. We are still up for it… but we haven’t heard from the networks. They are the ones who will have the ultimate decision.”

Among other notes:

  • There will be two hosts hired, one male and one female.
  • Cowell regrets shooting his “big mouth” off about ratings, but expects them to pick up on season two.
  • Simon thinks Ryan Seacrest is a “brilliant” host and will sign a new Idol contract.
  • Groups will remain a part of The X Factor next season.