Stephen Colbert Halts The Colbert Report to Be With Ailing Mother

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After The Colbert Report was suspended this week for unknown reasons, speculation ran rampant as to why Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central was on hold.

It turns out it had nothing to do with his Super PAC, just a super person in the comedian's life. Colbert apparently took the hiatus to be with his ailing mom.

The New York Post, citing sources close to the show, said that the host, 47, took a break because of the health of his 91-year-old mother, Lorna Colbert.

Stephen, one of her 11 children, is said to be very close to Lorna.

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Back in 1974, the Colberts experienced the loss of their father James (Lorna's husband) and two of Stephen's brothers, Peter and Paul, in a plane crash.

"They are an extremely private family," the Post quotes a source as saying. "It’s not surprising that he did not want anyone to know what was going on."

The network this week said only, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, Feb. 15, and Thursday, Feb. 16."

The Wall Street Journal reported that the schedule change was prompted by a family emergency, and production could resume as early as next week.

No date has been given for Colbert's return, but we wish the political genius, his mother and his entire family the best in what is surely a difficult time.



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