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Bobbi Kristina Brown will attend her mother’s funeral today in Newark, New Jersey. But sources say her future beyond this memorial is unclear.

Insiders tell TMZ that many members of Whitney Houston’s family are pushing for the 18-year old – who was hospitalized twice in the hours following the artist’s passing last weekend – to enter a rehab program… but are waiting until after the funeral to express this hope to Bobbi.

A scene outside of Whitney Houston’s funeral.

Nick Gordon Loves Bobbi

Brown has reportedly battled her own substance abuse problems in the past, as she was supposedly caught snorting cocaine last year.

The family wants to learn from the tragedy of her mother, allegedly, and convince the teenager to seek help before it’s too late. But they also want her to properly mourn the parent to whom she was so close first.

It’s a complicated situation and we can all just hope Bobbi Kristina comes out of it okay.