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Lindsay Lohan has been hit or miss with her appearance lately – see WTF-worthy mob wife look last week – but there’s no denying that this falls under “hit.”

LOVE Magazine, which apparently exists, just released some hot pics from its new issue, showing Lindsanity in various states of undress at the Chateau Marmont.

Standard procedure for Lindsay, really. This is just what she does.

The delightful weekly Lindsay Lohan photos showcasing her surprisingly large chest in various positions were taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Rocking some flawless hair and makeup, and showing off her assets from several different angles, Lindsay looks great as Richardson always brings out the best.

One has to imagine that, wearing an Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra sweater, LiLo’s making a subtle play for the Lifetime Taylor biopic she’s been rumored for.

Click to enlarge more of LOVE’s images below:

[Photos: Terry Richardson/LOVE]