Nancy Grace Defends Whitney Houston Comments, Gets Served by Dan Abrams on GMA

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Dan Abrams is our new hero.

The Good Morning America host remained calm and reasonable in the face of Nancy Grace's condescending absurdity today, as he tried to get Grace to admit that she shouldn't have wondered about whether or not someone pushed Whitney Houston's body under water in her hotel room last Saturday.

What prompted Grace to hint at that possibility? Nothing in this case, merely her experience as an attorney overall, which gives her a unique view on what comes next.

"There is nothing delicate or nice about a murder, a death, an unexpected death, or an autopsy," Grace said. "What that means in the real world, not the ivory tower of Harvard Law School... an autopsy, of why her body was transported to the Coroner's Office, is to determine cause of death whether it be overdose, natural causes, accident, or homicide. It is not a homicide and I am thankful for that, but I still want the truth."

Okay. That makes her the same as about 100 million other Americans.

Why utter a word about anyone shoving Whitney's head under water? Abrams tried to get his guest to focus on this specific question.

"I'm arguing with you over going on television and making a comment that I think was rightfully viewed as inappropriate," he says in the video above. "And sometimes there's a time to say 'you know what, I shouldn't have said that in retrospect. A nicer way to say that, or a more accurate way to say that, would have been x, y, or z.'"

Of course, Grace remained obstinate, and Robin Roberts ended the segment with a simple, obvious point. Well... an obvious point to anyone not looking cash in on a well-publicized death.

Why not just wait until the autopsy results are released before commenting at all?

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