Mountain Lion: Apple Announces New OS X for Macs

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Move over, Snow Leopard and Lion. Make room for an even bigger cat: Apple announced its latest version of OS X for Macs, called Mountain Lion, today.

Mountain Lion is said to be more like iOS than ever, as Apple integrates various mobile services and moves to yearly OS updates across all of its devices.

Mountain Lion is available for preview today in two ways:

  1. If you’re a consumer, you can read about the new features at Apple’s website.
  2. If you have a developer account, you can download and install the new OS X.
Mountain Lion

Anyone running OS X Lion can download and install the beta version of Messages, a new app replacing iChat for instant messaging, and integrates iMessages, the Apple-only text-message replacement service for iPhone, iPad and now Mac.

Even the name “Messages” indicates Mountain Lion’s overarching philosophy. It extends OS X Lion’s “Back to the Mac” approach of pulling many ideas and concepts from Apple’s revolutionary mobile ecosystem back into the desktop machine.

There’s no more iChat, iCal or Address Book. Just Messages, Calendar and Contacts. Same names on all products, no more outdated “i” in front of app names.

AirPlay, Game Center, Reminders, Notes and Notification Center are all new to the Mac too, looking much like their iOS counterparts, according to Apple.