Joan Rivers on Angelina Jolie: Idiotic, Auschwitz-Like!

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Joan Rivers is not known for mincing words, but she took it to a new level after the 2012 Oscars, describing Angelina Jolie in some very controversial terms.

Angelina’s bizarre on-stage leg thrust pose pretty much stole the show Sunday, but not necessarily in a good way, drawing criticism and hilarious parodies galore.

Most were in good fun, but Fashion Police star Rivers tore her a new one.

“Angelina Jolie looked like a fool the way she posed,” Rivers said.

“She took herself right out of that superstar category because you now realize she stands in front of a mirror to figure out [what she looks like.]”

Daughter Melissa Rivers agreed: “She was demystified! She demystified herself and it’s unfortunate because it always looks so effortless. You're thinking, how can this one individual be so glamorous? It’s because she practices!”

Joan continued her rant against Angelina and her leg ...

“Have you ever seen anybody stand with their hand on a hip with a leg thrown out to open an envelope? No. and you want to say, you idiot!"

"You brought us back to the fact and we’ve all forgotten that you used to wear blood around your neck and French kiss your brother!”

Angelina Jolie at the Oscars

She's not a fan, suffice it to say ... but then things got weird.

When asked whether Angelina Jolie is too skinny, Rivers commented on the actress' thin arms, saying that she “looks like Auschwitz adjacent.”

NOTE TO ASPIRING COMEDIANS: Among the topics you probably don't need to broach in order to make your point? Concentration camps.

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