16 & Pregnant Season 4 Cast Members: Revealed!

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We've already posted MTV's 16 and Pregnant trailer for Season 4. Now we have your first look at the cast of the new season, premiering Tuesday, March 27.

The U.S. teen birth rate has reportedly declined by nearly 10 percent in the last few years, helping douse criticism that the show is glamorizing teen pregnancy.

However, there are still plenty of cute teen moms for casting directors to choose from, and these 12 high schoolers from across the nation made the cut.

Spoiler alert: There are more cheerleaders than ever!

Lindsey Harrison Picture

1. Lindsey Harrison (above). The model and cage fighter complains that she "cannot do anything I normally would do" after she becomes pregnant. Now 17, she gave birth to daughter Aniyah in October and is still seeing her baby daddy.

2. Myranda Trevino. Almost the high school track star lives in Texas with baby daughter Kaylee Michelle (born in September) and is dating baby daddy Eric.

3. Katie Yeager. Now 17, Katie gave birth to her daughter Molly last August. She lives in Wyoming and appears to be on good terms with baby daddy Joey Maes.   

Mackenzie Douthit Picture

4. Mackenzie Douthit (above). The Oklahoma cheerleader's has a son, Gannon, with her boyfriend, Josh, who has a rodeo accident during her pregnancy.

5. Sabrina Solares. Her boyfriend Iman's dad "wanted [her] to get an abortion right that day" when they told him Sabrina was pregnant. Didn't happen.

6. Jordan Howard. Her mom's reaction, hearing the news about Jordan's pregancy with her white boyfriend? "How is he going to raise a black baby?" Wow.

Kristina Robinson Picture

7. Kristina Robinson (above). This might be the most tragic story ever shown on 16 and Pregnant, as her fiance died, apparently in a drowning accident: "I just remember being pulled to shore and looking around and him not being there."

8. Devon Broyles. Devon named her baby boy Landon; although her baby daddy has an unflattering portrayal on the season preview, to say the least.

9. Alexandria Sekella. The modern dancer lives in Pennsylvania with infant daughter Arabella and is still seeing her baby daddy.

Sarah Roberts Picture

10. Sarah Roberts (above). The young mama has an infant daughter, Tinleigh, and recently tweeted that "the baby's father is NOT in her life, at all."

11. Hope Harbert. The previews suggest that Hope became pregnant with baby boy Tristan the first time she had sex. She is still seeing baby daddy Ben.

12. Briana Dejesus. Now 17, Briana gave birth to baby girl Nova in September.

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