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All babies are beautiful. All celebrity baby names, however? Let’s just say some are better than others. Below, we rank our favorite weird ones of recent years.

NOTE: We are defining weird as in unusual, not in a negative sense. If you don’t know anyone else with said name, it qualifies as unusual, even if you love it.

The birth of Beyonce’s baby Blue got us thinking: Where does that little one rank? Without further ado, give it up for the (possibly stoned) parents of …

10. Pilot Inspektor. Overcompensating for your own boring name, Jason Lee?

9. Kal-El. The son of Nic Cage. Yes, Kal dash El.

8. Track and Trig. Todd and Sarah Palin’s daughters, Piper, Willow and Bristol Palin, have downright normal names compared to their brothers.

7. Blue Ivy Carter. This one’s kinda cool, but still out there.

6. Sparrow. We liked this name for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s second child more when we thought Sparrow was a girl. He is not a girl.

5. Jermajesty. Jermaine Jackson’s son. Yes, Jer-effing-majesty. MJ is exempt, barely, since Blanket is merely a nickname … for Prince Michael II.

4. Spec and Hud. The latter of John Cougar Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin’s sons may be sponsored by the Dept of Housing and Urban Development.

3. Bronx Mowgli. Borough of New York City + Jungle Book character = perfect baby name … at least if you’re Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

2. Suri. The apple of Tom and Katie’s eye. Speaking of …

1. Apple. Gwyneth and Chris take the cake on this one.

What’s your favorite weird celebrity baby name?