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Blake Griffin rocked both the rim and the Twitterverse last night, delivering a slam dunk over Kendrick Perkins that simply has to go down as one of the best in NBA history.

But where does it actually rank?

We spent far too long today and had far too much fun going back in time and collecting 10 noteworthy jams, from Blake and LeBron James in the past week to some all-time greats.

There’s Shaquille O’Neal showing his might… Vince Carter humiliating Frederic Weis… Dwyane Wade going coast to coast over Anderson Varejao… more from Griffin… John Starks clinching a playoff win over the Bulls… Michael Jordan being Michael Jordan… Darryl Dawkins shattering a backboard… Baron Davis soaring over Andrei Kirilenko.

All incredible athletic feats, all posted below. View each ridiculous slam now and then cast your vote for the best:

Shaq Dunk Breaks Backboard
Blake Griffin Dunks Over Kendrick Perkins
Blake Griffin Dunks Over Kendrick Perkins
LeBron Jumps, Dunks Over John Lucas III

Which was the greatest dunk ever?