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The party in Hawaii continues but in true Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fashion, there’s plenty of arguing, drama and tears to go with that wine.

Let’s break down all the latest drama in THG’s +/- recap!

We open with Adrienne and Paul taking a romantic hike along the beautiful island of Lanai. Adrienne admits that it’s been years since they’ve held hands. Minus 9. That’s just sad. These two obviously care for one another. They need to start having more alone time.

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Kim and Ken finally arrive a day and a half late and that’s when we suddenly have a contest for which sister can be more rude. 

First, Kim and Ken don’t tell anyone they’ve arrived. Minus 7. It’s simply polite to pick up the hotel phone and let your sister and host know you’ve finally made it.

But Kyle hears them in the next room and in her best impersonation of a 13 year old girl, runs to put her ear to the wall. She even runs outside in her towel to see if she can spot them from the balcony. Minus 10 because that’s just pathetic.

Then Kim and Ken are the last ones to arrive to Mauricio’s birthday dinner. Are these two ever on time to anything?

What surprises me is how rude Mauricio is. Yes, your sister-in-law is a inebriated ditz who can’t seem to cross the street without being late but why make a scene over dinner. It looks like he’s just trying to embarrass them. Minus another 10.

Granted Kim’s excuses are getting ridiculous to the point of being funny. I’ll even throw her a Plus 8 for the humor in it. First she failed to renew her license, then she can’t find her passport, now Ken had to work the day they were scheduled to leave.

Oh, that’s right. Ken’s retired. Nevermind. Will her dog eat her homework next?

The horrible thing is that this little family feud never ends. Kim and Ken oversleep and don’t make the Catamaran trip. Again, they can’t get their excuses straight. They didn’t set the alarm? No, they didn’t hear the wakeup call. 

Or was it they didn’t get one? Or maybe they were too stoned to hear anything. Either way Minus 13 for making the entire party sit in the bus and wait for them.

I don’t blame the group for leaving without Kim and Ken. At that point they deserved to be ditched but Kyle and Lisa actually jumped over onto their balcony and tried the door.

Goodness knows what they could have walked in on.  I half expect this kind of childishness from Kyle but I didn’t expect it from Lisa. Minus 7.

The Catamaran looks lovely. Plus 15 to Camille for actually getting into the water for some snorkeling when the rest of the ladies won’t get their hair wet. 

The best part is when Lisa admits that if she had Brandi’s ass she’d show it off too. Lisa’s finally cutting Brandi some slack. Plus 12. The two of them have a bit of a bawdy sense of humor and it’s fun to watch them have a go at one another.

Plus 10 to Paul and Adrienne for trying to be nice and welcoming to Kim and Ken, even if it did make Ken paranoid that they were talking behind his back.

In one boring little insert scene we see Taylor and Dana having lunch back on the mainland. Did anyone else notice that Brandi is invited to Hawaii but Dana’s still at home? I guess she’s not quite one of the in-crowd just yet.

On Lanai, the ladies argue about Taylor’s big revelation. Camille says Taylor’s given her this story before. Paul thinks she’ll be back with Russell in under two weeks. Kyle and Lisa believe their split is the real deal. 

There’s another special group dinner and I’m really getting hungry.  But then Mauricio and Kyle start back in about why Kim was late to the island. Minus 12. This is just making all of their other guests uncomfortable. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have this argument but can’t it wait until it’s just family?

Ken’s not my favorite guy but I almost couldn’t blame him for getting paranoid and then telling Kyle he simply didn’t care what she thought and walking out.

Why stay if you’re only going to be attacked and Kyle and Mauricio are simply being obnoxious now. Even I don’t want to hear it any more.

Thankfully, the episode is over.