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“HELP ME, I’M DYING!” – John Edwards, according to the National Enquirer

Ever since the aforementioned gossip publication correctly reported the former politician’s career-ending affair with Rielle Hunter and subsequent love child scandal, they have continued to pursue its aftermath, with questionable accuracy.

The latest angle: Edwards wants to postpone his upcoming federal trial on corruption charges because he had a heart attack and feels he might die!

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“John fell apart in front of a pal after returning from a jog and was afraid he’d die,” says a close source. “His heart began pounding and he was having la­bored breathing.”

“He had many symptoms of a major heart attack and fears he will die.”

The former presidential candidate really did file to postpone his January 30 trial because of an “unex­pectedly encountered a medical issue” that will make it “extraordinarily difficult,” allegedly for him to appear in court for his trial.

While the details of his medical situation were filed under seal and can’t be re­ported to the public, a close friend revealed that Edwards was telling pals (he still has friends!) he was suffer­ing from “sleep apnea” and “migraine headaches.”

Sources confirm he does have the potentially deadly sleeping disorder, but the Enquirer insists the chest pains and shortness of breath terrified him.

“John has been very depressed with the upcoming trial and particularly down in the dumps with the holiday season and his young children having to deal with the first anniversary of his wife’s death on December 7,” said the source.

Under tremendous stress, Edwards had “also been drinking too much.”