Snoop Dogg Wins Big on The Price is Right

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Snoop Dogg may be a rapper, actor, music mogul and pop culture icon, but that doesn't mean he can't shop for a bargain: Dude won $72,000 on The Price is Right!

Appearing on the show to benefit his youth football league, he flat out raked it in as he assisted contestants playing for a good cause, having a blast in the process.

Snoop said it was his favorite show to watch when he skipped school as a kid, which we imagine was often: "The feeling was still here. It's like it never left."

On a more poignant and serious note, the one time gangsta added, "The Snoop Youth Football League is something that we created over seven years ago."

"It's meant to help inner city kids with all the gang violence and drugs and negativity. I wanted to start something positive that could be here 20 years from now."

Hard not to tip your hat to the Doggfather on that one.


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