School District Misspells "Shcool" in Street Out Front

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This isn't a "wanna get away" Snickers ad, though it sure could be.

A giant, obvious misspelling on an NYC crosswalk has city, utility and school officials pointing fingers ... and hopefully asking for more funding for the next Spelling Bee.

Everyone involved could use a boost in that area, based on this story. Hilariously, the misspelling outside the Manhattan high school involves THE WORD "school."


The painted pavement on Stanton Street outside Marta Valle High School reads "SHCOOL X-NG," as seen here in footage captured by ABC News affiliate WABC.

The Department of Transportation claims the mistake was made by a utility provider conducting repairs, according to The NY Post, which first saw the mistake.

City officials say utility providers/contractors are responsible for returning city streets back to normal after repairs, but the school no doubt shares the blame.

After all, how do you not notice ... that of all things.

"Regardless of who painted it, someone from the school should have been outside supervising, or noticed it by now," a city worker said. "This is just sloppy."

And you thought THG's typos were bad.