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Kim Kardashian has 6.9 million Facebook fans, 11.6 million Twitter followers and was part of a family that made $65 million in 2010.

So, yes, if you’re basing success on strangers believing they’re your friend and a large bank account, this makes perfect sense: Kardashian covers the latest issue of Success.

What has allowed Kim to rake in such dough and so many followers? She tells the magazine that she tries to give “sisterly advice” to all who ask.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
(Getty Images)

“I’ll listen to fans’ comments and questions asking what skincare do I use or what fragrance I like, and I feel I’m in a position that I can answer those questions well,” Kardashian said, trying to pretend like she writes her own blog or posts her own Tweets.

Kim adds that she and her mom set goals every six months and – wouldn’t you know it?!? – they “always come true.”

As for her followers, those who don’t comprehend that Kardashian makes thousands for every Tweet and uses her Facebook page as an ATM?

“People aren’t stupid,” she says. “You really have to love what you do and you really have to believe in what you’re working for, for everyone else to believe you.”