Justin Bieber Visits Special Elementary School, Inspires

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Justin Bieber finished 2011 as the second-most charitable celebrity on the planet, but he didn't earn such a ranking by merely having his advisors cut checks.

The singer is known for taking a personal interest in special causes, and never was that more evident than over the holidays. As taped for an episode of Ellen, Justin stopped by Whitney Elementary School, which is run by principal Sherri Gahn and which is comprised of underprivileged children.

“I’m here to bring smiles to these kids’ faces," Bieber tells Gahn below. "For me, I grew up and I didn’t have a lot. We went to food banks to get food for me."

Bieber also donated $100,000 to the cause, played a song for the kids and made them cheer/giggle during a Q&A session where they asked his favorite color, along with what he and Selena Gomez do on the weekends.

The answer and the reaction are both adorable. Watch now:


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