Heather Locklear: Headed to Rehab?

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Heather Locklear left UCLA Hospital last night, following an emergency admission that stemmed from a dangerous mix of pills and alcohol, but reports indicate her family hopes the actress ends up back in the facility soon.

For treatment.

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Sources tell Entertainment Tonight that the veteran actress was "out of control" when her sister called 911 on Thursday afternoon, while an insider admits to People:

"Heather is in bed all the time, usually four days out of the week. Hung over, she lays in bed; she's depressed, she just hangs out."

As a result, Locklear's loved ones are pushing for the star to receive help at an actual hospital, not some posh boutique facility, such as Promises in Malibu.

In March 2008, Heather's doctor called the authorities after a rumored suicide attempt by his patient. Months later, Locklear sought treatment at an Arizona facility for anxiety and depression. She was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in September of that year.

Let's all hope this beautiful, talented actress soon finds the help she very much needs.


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