Chelsea Gill Lands Date with Jason Segel!

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A few days after Chelsea Gill posted a video on YouTube that asked out How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segal via a hilarious, catchy musical tribute, the actor responded over the weekend by actually taking his biggest fan out on a date!

Chelsea Gill and Jason Segel

On Saturday night, Segel met up with Gill and her twin sister for drinks at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, followed by a trip to the Chicago Film Critic Awards.

“I freaked out,” Gill told The Chicago Tribute of her reaction after Segel posted her video on his Twitter page. “I just started screaming and running around my house. I called my sister, my parents, my best friend; I was freaking out. My downstairs neighbor probably thought I was getting murdered because I was running around screaming.”

And how did the actual meeting go? Did the reality live up to the fantasy?

“He’s really a wonderful person,” Gill said. “He is so down to earth, sweet and humble; just a sweetheart.”