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The Real Housewives of Atlanta focused on the mommas and babies this week as the mommas primped and Kim and Kroy’s baby finally made an appearance.

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Now, we run down the lack of baby drama in THG’s +/- recap!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is Kim really wearing a wig while in labor? Minus 8 because I can’t think of anything sillier although thankfully I didn’t have a camera crew on me when I was in her position.

Kim thinks Kroy is too calm but her girls realize how nervous the man actually is. How come Kim’s kids seem smarter than she is? Does Kroy have any clue what he’s in for? But overall, the entire labor goes by with a lack of the Atlanta drama we’re used to.

Plus 20 to Kim for delivering a healthy bouncing 8 lb. baby boy, Kroy Jagger Biermann. Congrats to the entire family. 

Other mothers in Atlanta aren’t having as easy a time. Sheree’s chateau is still a hole in the ground and as she’s still contemplating serving her cheapskate ex with court papers for child support he beats her to the punch.

No, he isn’t asking her for money. He’s pleading poverty and asking the court to lower his child support payment. My first thought was that he’s paid her nothing for four years. How much less could he pay?

Minus 10 because he could have handled this like a man and talked to Sheree about what he could pay instead of doing nothing to support his kids and then dragging her to court.

Sheree’s mother’s advice was to do what she needed to do but keep the kids out of it. Good advice. But then why was Sheree having conversations about the court paperwork on speaker phone in front of her son.  Minus 10.

Kandi helps her momma post a picture on a senior dating sight. Plus 8 for being a good daughter and helping out momma but Minus 10 because I really didn’t need to see her in her oversized girdle. I don’t think anyone did.

Cynthia and NeNe head to New York for on business. Cynthia’s pushing her ex beau, Russell Simmons to speak at her new agency. He convinces her to change the name. It seems Russell’s almost more interested than husband Peter who tells Cynthia, “This is your thing. I’m not holding your hand.” Way to be the supportive hubby. Minus 7.

NeNe ends up at some horrendous lunch with a Soprano wannabe who has a serious crush on her (or her money). She can’t stand the guy, his food, or the singer he schleps along but she’ll take a free meal and gifts from anyone. Minus 12 for making me sit through it though. I cringed the entire segment.

Isn’t Phaedra supposed to be an entertainment lawyer? Then why is she representing some smarmy druggy who lies to a judge about his tinted windows and pays her in cash in the parking lot?

Minus 13 because I expected something better from her. So did the judge.

I can’t believe she and her client both agreed to have this on camera. I can only hope when the judge sees it he hauls the guy in for his drug test. What are the odds that he’ll pass?

Honestly, there wasn’t much drama this week. Perhaps we’ll get back to the crying and brawling next time. I almost missed it …