Teen Mom 2 Recap: Kicking the Can Down the Road

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This week on Teen Mom 2 ... not a lot happened. At all. Pure filler.

Is baby Ali going to be alright? Where is Kieffer? Can Jenelle act like a civilized human being? Will Chelsea's baby daddy man up? Does Kailyn ever smile?

If only the MTV reality hit would have actually advanced any of these plot lines. Alas. Find out who was dealing with what issue in THG's +/- recap below!

Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Baby

The results of Ali's brain MRI have us on pins and needles. The little girl became sedated while her mama sang to her - and worried. Leah's being a good mama. Plus 5.

Corey even managed to take a day off work to join her. "I don't like it," he says. "I get all nervous and scared ...it's tough. I'm here for you and Ali." Swoon! Plus 13.

Watching this heartwarming display quickly gets depressing since we know they're divorced, but Minus only 10 because they were still sincere and mature here.

Minus 6 more for MTV stringing us along. Is Ali okay or what?!

Jenelle Evans recalls that she pressed charges against Kieffer Delp for domestic abuse: "He pushed me right here that resulted to me laying on the ground." Plus 8.

Kieffer was MIA in this episode. Let's make that permanent! Plus 4.

Jenelle and her mom make up, with Barbara welcoming her back into the house. Given what we saw in last week's episode, it's a step forward a least. Plus 2.

Similar to the Leah and Corey situation, it's hard to stomach, knowing Jenelle drops the charges and supposedly doesn't even want her kid. Minus 27.

Kailyn Lowry tells BF Jordan the big news, that she got her own apartment. Now he can crash with his baby mama instead of his regular mama. Life is good! Plus 6.

She decides to move out of her mom's house without telling her ... and a couple of dudes who look like bouncers do all the heavy lifting. Real normal. Plus 4.

Teen Mom 2 Cast

Hilariously, they take the giant TV that wasn't even hers. Plus 10.

More hilariously, Kailyn's story ends with a parking lot meeting ... and the return of the remote to her mom, its rightful owner. Like an Old West standoff! Plus 9.

Did you hear she wants Jo to impregnate her again supposedly? Wow. Minus 5.

Ooh, a segment on Chelsea's elective knee surgery. Her stress and complaints really hit close to home after what we've seen Leah and Corey endure. Minus 8.

Chelsea's dad: "You'll probably have to cut down on your jogging." Tragic! Plus 4.

Adam proved Randy wrong by sort of caring for baby Aubree by himself. Plus 7.

So he drops his "little bastard" daughter on the floor ... he's trying, right? Minus 13.

Chelsea and Adam cooing at each other in those baby voices? UGH. Minus 21.

The 30-second preview for next week was the highlight of the night. Corey and Leah finally get answers about Ali? Kailyn gets birth control for five YEARS? Adam apparently kidnaps Aubree? Kieffer gets a haircut? Insanity! Plus 10.


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