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This week on Teen Mom 2, someone is changing her Facebook, someone is “living like trash,” someone and her bad BF are living in the car, and someone copes with some potentially devastating news about her baby. There was a lot to take in.

Find out who dealt with what issue in THG’s +/- recap below!

Jenelle Evans has been crashing with Kieffer Delp since she got thrown out of her house. Their current abode is in her car. Minus 28. It doesn’t get more WT than that.

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Nice Ed Hardy seat covers, though. Jon Gosselin would be proud. Plus 5.

Signs your relationship is in trouble? While Jenelle tries to do homework in the library, Kieffer GAMBLES rather than “stare at the wall.” Dude, you live in a CAR. Minus 60.

Kief also brings booze to bowling night at Planet Fun. This guy is the personification of the word FAIL. Plus 7, because every other BF in America looks good right now.

They get into an EPIC fight in the parking lot. Change is thrown. PSAs are aired. It’d be more entertaining if it weren’t so sad and Jenelle weren’t a parent. Minus 13.

Elsewhere, Leah Messer has to take a day off from working dental assistant to take baby Ali, who’s been suffering from a developmental disorder. Doesn’t sound good.

Although Ali’s cute pink glasses are working to correct her nystagmus, she needs an MRI because her optic nerves could indicate a brain abnormality. 🙁 Poor Ali.

At least Ali’s twin Aleeah takes her first steps. Plus 18. And, from what we’ve read in recent weeks, little Ali is doing better, at least, so perhaps all will be okay.

Chelsea Houska agrees once again to get back together with her baby daddy Adam. Minus 9, because of some of the nasty things he’s said about her in the past.

Her plan to “use her head, not her heart” sounds good. Plus only 7, though, because putting it into action is harder than it sounds, especially with this douchebag.

To Adam’s credit, he does help out with Aubree while Chelsea recovers from knee surgery and hits the books. Gotta focus on getting that GED, baby! Plus 15.

“In 10 years … when we get married.” Plus only 3, because while it’s surprising he threw out the M-word at all, 10 years is more than half the span of his life.

Finally, Kailyn Lowry is having trouble on the home front. Not her own, her mom’s. The guy she is dating seems to be a nightmare of Kieffer proportions. Minus 30.

“Your rooms stink,” he writes K in a note. “We don’t live like – me and your mom don’t live like trash.” Who does she think she is here, Jenelle Evans? Plus 10.

Kailyn bails on that hellhole, and after rejecting welfare, finds her own apartment! Good for her! Even if MTV clearly paid for it or made all this up, Plus 25 girl.