Soulja Boy Sues Manager Over "Unjust" Contracts

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Soulja Boy claims he was taken advantage of as 16-year-old in 2007 by his ex-manager, who he feels exploited his naivete with unreasonable contracts.

The rapper filed the documents in Georgia Superior Court, claiming his manager / lawyer Philip Ransom coerced him into signing multiple unjust deals.

He calls the terms "unconscionable, oppressive, and unjust."

So what did he agree to that's so oppressive, you ask?

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The contracts included a management deal that gave Ransom 5 percent of Soulja's income ... forever ... relating to work completed under his management.

Another contract allegedly gave 50 percent of all Soulja's music copyrights to his record label,a deal the rapper now claims isĀ  "commercially unreasonable."

Boy feels this is "contrary to music industry custom and practice," however in reality these are pretty standard. Some managers/labels take more in fact.

Besides, dude can't be doing that badly if he's rolling around in his SUV with guns, weed and 70 grand in cash. He should thank Ransom. And get a lawyer.

Ransom, for his part, denies the allegations, filing new legal documents claiming Soulja's got no leg to stand on, and still owes him money, as it were.