Newt Gingrich Ad Rails Against "Liberal" Republican Establishment, Laments Lack of Funds

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A new pro-Newt Gingrich ad airing in Iowa warns voters in advance of the Jan. 3 caucuses not to let the "liberal Republican establishment pick" a presidential candidate.

The ad is from pro-Gingrich super PAC Winning Our Future, which can spend unlimited funds as long as it doesn't coordinate with him directly. That's not shady at all.

The 30-second spot touts Newt's conservative credentials, accusing the Republican establishment of "attacking him with falsehoods" and outspending him 20-to-1.

Pretty funny in a way that a PAC that would obviously outspend Mitt Romney 20-to-1 if it could is lamenting its own underfunded status, but that's Newt for you.

On the flip side, he does have a point. The establishment does have some clout, but given the fluidity of this race, the conservative base is much broader.

Obviously the average voter isn't too swayed by what the powers that be tell them to be. But will voters come out to support Newt, or is he fading fast?

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