MLB Source: Ryan Braun Positive Test Caused By Medication, Not Steroids

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Is the reigning National League MVP, Ryan Braun, innocent of using performance enhancing drugs after all? This new report suggests his positive test may be a fluke.

Ryan Braun's positive test for banned substances was caused by medication for a private medical issue - not PEDs - according to Major League Baseball sources.

Braun is adamant he has not taken drugs or steroids of any kind.

Ryan Braun

A source close to the MLB and the controversial Braun drug case said simply that "the medication contained banned substances resulting in the positive test."

Prior to taking the dirty test, Braun had always tested negative for banned substances - not that this proves his innocence, but it's worth noting just the same.

The nature of Braun's medical ailment is unclear, as is whether Milwaukee Brewers star knew exactly what substances were in his medication before he took it.

It's also unknown if any of these revelations could lead to the positive test - and the 50-game suspension it earned Braun - being overturned by MLB officials.