Mitt Romney Touts Conservative Cred in New Ads

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making a serious TV ad play in the first two primary states, hoping to secure back to back wins and cruise to the nomination.

But can he convince Republican voters he's conservative enough?

He won't fail for lack of trying. The Romney campaign's newest Iowa ad is even called "Conservative Agenda" and vows to make government "simpler, smaller and smarter."

Touting his experience, Romney says he will "get rid of Obamacare" and says that "it is a moral imperative for America to stop spending more money than we take in."

Convinced? Check out the ad below and see:

The January 3 Iowa caucuses are less than a week away. In New Hampshire, which votes January 10, the former Massachusetts Governor enjoys a sizable polling lead.

It shows in his latest TV ad there, which features a more relaxed and uplifting Mitt. "This will be a campaign about the soul of America, about American greatness," he says.

"I'm confident that Americans won't settle. I'm confident that Americans will refuse to be bought off by cheap promises that turn into never-ending debts for our children."

Watch the spot, titled "Earn It" below and see if he can:

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