Melanie Amaro Expresses Shock, Appreciation Over X Factor Victory

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Melanie Amaro accomplished the very difficult on the first season of The X Factor: the front-runner since day one, this talented singer maintained that status for months and went on to win the title last night.

And she still can't believe it.

"I felt as though I was hearing things, to be honest," Amaro told reporters today of when Steve Jones announced her at the winner. "I had to check my ear real quick. It shocked me a lot. It really did."

Melanie Amaro Wins!

Melanie, of course, is now $5 million richer, a wild sum for anyone, let alone a young woman who didn't grow up with much.

"Life will change a lot," she says. "The most I have ever had before was $200, if I was lucky."

A piano teacher from Florida, Amaro says she'll purchase a new home for her mother with the winnings, along with a lifetime supply of chicken for herself. Seriously. ("I can't live without it. It's my favorite food.")

Overall, she just wants to give a shout-out to her fans.

"Thank you to all my supporters who've supported me and have been behind me since day one and believed in me when I didn't even have the heart to believe in myself," she says. "Even when I went home, you guys still pushed and sent all your love my way."

You're welcome, Melanie! Did do you think Amaro deserved to win?

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