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Louis Vuitton is suing Warner Bros. for its use of a fake Louis Vuitton bag in The Hangover Part II, demanding that the scene in question be removed. So random.

In the film, Zach Galifianakis’ Alan tells Stu not to mess with his luggage, saying, “Careful, that is … that is a Louis Vuitton.” He pronounces it Lewis. Awesome.

Louis Vuitton has issues with this, for multiple reasons:

Hangover 2 Clip - That is a Louis Vuitton!

For one, Warner Bros. never got permission to use its precious and valuable trademark. Moreover, the luggage in the movie is a knockoff, or so the brand claims.

Also awesome, if you’re a viewer. Not not for L.V.

The company is seeking damages on top of an injunction prohibiting Warner Bros. from distributing The Hangover 2 going forward as long as the luggage scene appears.

If you recall, the studio was also sued for its use of Mike Tyson’s face tattoo on Ed Helms’ character in the sequel, even though Tyson appeared in the original.

Can’t make this stuff up …