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Is there anything Matt Damon can’t do?

He’s been a breakout young star, a bona fide action hero, an Oscar-winner, a leading man, an activist, a screenwriter, a sitcom revelation and even an Internet meme machine.

The star is also the topic of GQ’s new cover story, meaning there’s a terrific Matt Damon cover staring you in the face below. You’re welcome, ladies … and everyone really.

Matt Damon at Press Conference
(AFP via Getty Images)

Damon, who stars with Scarlett Johansson in We Bought a Zoo, plays a widowed father of two who buys a ramshackle zoo in the Cameron Crowe-directed film.

In all, he was in five movies in 2011, and has appeared in more than 35 films since his breakout role as an emaciated addict in 1996’s Courage Under Fire.

Off screen, he has thrown his full weight (and his money) behind a charity, Water (dot) org, that seeks to provide sources of clean water to the Third World.

He has spoken up about teachers, the middle class, and President Obama. Michael Moore even called on Damon to run for president. Not a bad resume, right?