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Mario Lopez is posing in his underwear for a new ad campaign, and we’re not talking boxers either. This is some full-on, tighty-whitey style bulge action.

Ever since his Saved By the Bell days, he’s been known for his sculpted frame. You think A.C. won all those wrestling accolades by being some shrimp?

Still, nothing prepared us for this:

Mario Lopez: 'The Jungle Book' Premiere
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

The former Dancing With the Stars hopeful and current host of celebrity news show Extra is the new “face” of his own line of underwear called RatedM.

The tagline: “For manful men and their very special guests.”

Is there a guest list out there somewhere? We’re confused.

Lopez’s boxer briefs are available on Freshpair (dot) com, a great name because more than a few ladies may need a fresh pair of their own after this.