Lindsay Lohan Tweaks Over Stolen Purse

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Lindsay Lohan can't go one week without stirring up controversy.

Granted, it's not her fault - probably - that some jackass stole her purse in Hawaii over the weekend, but if she weren't on probation, it wouldn't have been as big a deal.

She was terrified the ordeal would land her in jail, in the event that she couldn't get back on a plane and make a hearing this week. Girl was freaking out about it:

Moments after Lindsay Lohan discovered her bag was missing, she exploded, "I will f**king kill someone if I even have to get questioned [inaudible] jail for a year."

Hilariously, the troubled star actually claimed this happened once before, when she missed a court date after being "stuck" in Cannes. But it's a moot point now.

Her passport and the needed court documents permitting travel were eventually returned by a good Samaritan, along with Lindsay's $5,000 Chanel purse. Phew!

However, she lost $10,000 cash. Who carries around 10 GRAND?! Planning on buying guns and weed with no paper trail? Who does she think she is, Soulja Boy?

Side Note #1: On the recording above (obtained by TMZ; the origin is not known), she says, "My dad will kill me." Who knew she even remembered MiLo existed!

Site Note #2: The Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures leaked last week.


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