Lindsay Lohan Probation Report: Surprisingly Good!

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Perennial troublemaker Lindsay Lohan will be back in court Wednesday for a progress hearing in her theft case, and will receive a glowing probation report.

We know, we can't believe we just wrote that either.

Judge Stephanie Sautner assigned a new probation officer who is "no nonsense" and "has seen it all," but nevertheless, she has been a model probationer so far and her report is brighter than the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos after airbrushing.

Will Work For Coke

The source says that Lohan has made scheduled meetings with her probation officer, has completed her court ordered community service requirement of 12 days by the progress report hearing, and attended all her psychological counseling sessions.

The 25-year-old mess has even completed more than the basic requirement of 12 days, and is ahead of schedule to finish her duties at the morgue by March 29.

Wow! She can be taught!

Lindsay, who channels Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming issue of Playboy, served a mere four hours of a 30-day sentence for violating her probation this fall.

She is on a very tight leash going forward, with any future violations resulting in an additional 270 days behind bars - a sentence she can't get around as easily.



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