Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe: Would You Hit it?

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The cover and contents of the highly anticipated Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue leaked early, forcing Hugh Hefner & Co. to bump up its release date to this coming weekend.

As a tease, the first of many Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures from inside the publication has judy been released, showing the star channelling her inner blonde bombshell.

In the promo photo below, the 24-year-old emulates Marilyn Monroe as she reclines with her dyed, white blonde hair resting on her shoulders, arm behind her head:

A Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photo

With her red glossy lips parted, Lindsay - who says posing for Playboy and embracing sexuality is part of nature - is seen pouting and staring seductively into the camera.

Some fans are likely feeling short-changed right about now. Not just because LiLo did the Marilyn thing before (see N.Y. Mag, 2008), but because she's arguably hotter as is.

Seriously, the wig, the lipstick, the airbrushing, the fake eyelashes, all the "classic Marilyn" poses ... does anyone care? If you're clamoring to see Lindsay Lohan nude at all, wouldn't you want to see the ginger in all her fiery, freckled glory?

It's a fair question. As is this, more general one:

Lindsay Lohan: Would you hit it?


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