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A few weeks after his first public statements since his arrest on sexual abuse charges – in which he admitted to showering with boys, but rejected any notion that he’s a pedophile – former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has spoken out again.

With 40 charges already filed against him, and with a new accuser coming forth this week, Sandusky told The New York Times:

“These allegations are false, I didn’t do those things. I’m not the monster everyone made me out to be. I didn’t engage in sexual acts.”

Jerry Sandusky Interview

The disgraced ex-coach will be in court on December 13 for a preliminary hearing, as he’s currently charged with molesting eight kids over a 15-year period.

Sandusky told the newspaper that Joe Paterno – who was fired in the wake of this scandal – never said a word to him about the allegations. He also tried to clarify one of his responses in an interview with Bob Costas (above), as Sandusky initially stammered when asked whether or not he was “attracted to underage boys.”

To The Times in this case, Sandusky said:

“I enjoy spending time with young people. I enjoy spending time with people. I mean, my two favorite groups are the elderly and the young. The young because they don’t think about what they say and the old because they don’t care, you know?”

Statements such as that don’t exactly help clear Sandusky’s name – seriously, the guy can’t just answer “no” when asked if he’s attracted to children – but he says this is all an instance of his actions being misunderstood and misinterpreted:

“They’ve taken everything that I ever did for any young person and twisted it to say that my motives were sexual or whatever. I had kid after kid after kid who might say I was a father figure. And they just twisted that all.”