Bon Jovi Death Hoax Creator Confesses, Cites Irritation With Overexposed Singer

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Living, breathing rocker and New Year's Eve star Jon Bon Jovi showed off his physique on a family Christmas vacation, while reading Bill Clinton's latest book. Nice.

As you can see, the Internet hoax that proclaimed Jon Bon Jovi dead earlier this month was B.S. - helpfully cleared up by the singer himself - and thank goodness.

What kind of person actually starts a Twitter hoax to kill off Bon Jovi, you ask? Well, we now know, as the person responsible for starting the rumor confessed!

Jon Bon Jovi Shirtless

Pennsylvania musician Jeffrey Goho told the Asbury Park Press (N.J.) he started up the fake Twitter account in mid-December with the intention of offing Jon Bon.

He reported that the "Wanted Dead or Alive" singer passed away on tour in his native New Jersey. Since then, "I've gotten a lot of backlash from it," he says.

Stunning news right there. Goho recalls how it got started:

"All I heard was 'Bon Jovi this,' 'Bon Jovi starting a restaurant.' The Advil commercial. It was like, 'Jeez, (Bon Jovi) was a household name due to music, not business."

"Long story short, [my band and I] got so worked up in the conversation, I just kind of took the liberty and started (the rumor), because I was so irritated."

Makes sense. Totally worth fake killing someone over.

Goho, 30, said that within 24 hours his account was “slammed” with hate mail. “I'm not proud of this,’’ he said, but denies he had any self-promoting motive.

“No, no, no, I didn’t do this as a business endeavor. As stupid as it sounds, I was just irritated. It was wrong to do and I almost kind of hurt myself.”

“Ultimately the more thought that I gave to it, I realized that all his endeavors, his business endeavors, have actually made the tri-state area prosper, hence more musicians have more available places to go, more people to play to, and I was quite wrong.”

Hey, at least he can admit it. Lesson learned to all bored Twitter users: Do not start rumors that rock stars are dead just because they endorse products.


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