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When Brad Pitt lifted a glass of sparkling wine and toasted Angelina Jolie at Hollywood’s Magnolia restaurant Dec. 8, was he saluting more than her directorial debut?

Almost definitely not.

Still, if you believe what you read in OK!, six kids is not enough for the Brangelina brood. Unquestionably, Brad n’ Ange are looking to fix that problem in a hurry:

They want a new baby in 2012.

“She jokes about triplets constantly. And she’s not a big joker, really,” says a supposed  confidante. “She and Brad have talked at length. She’ll have another child.”

“There is no doubt.”

Well that settles it. The director of In the Land of Blood and Honey did leave the door open, telling Marie Claire, “Nothing is planned…. I could end up pregnant.”

Brad, too, let slip that Brangelina may have baby #7 someday. May have. Someday. “I don’t know that we’re finished. I don’t know,” he said on 60 Minutes.

The only obstacle? Angie may be taking a risk with her health.

“It’s very serious. She’s had two very high-risk pregnancies,” says the source. “Both times, her blood pressure shot up, and she developed gestational diabetes.”

“I don’t know if she could survive a third round.”

What do you think? Should they have another child?