Prosecution to Dr. Conrad Murray Jury: Michael Jackson is Dead Because of HIM

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Closing arguments are underway in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, and prosecutors are hammering home their case that the embattled physician is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the untimely 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

The defense will get to state its case again too, but it's not looking good.

The D.A. reiterated the list of evidence he says proves Murray's guilt:

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  • Murray violated sacred doctor-patient trust "each and every day."
  • MJ was on his game June 24 in rehearsal, then dead June 25.
  • MJ was a creative genius striving for perfection, a living legend.
  • MJ had long term plans cut short for himself and his children.
  • He wanted to go on tour one last time for his kids and his fans.
  • Murray's failure to do his job caused the death of Michael Jackson.
  • Criminal negligence is not about having an intent to cause harm.
  • Dr. Murray made false statements by neglecting to mention Propofol.
  • He knew what he did was wrong and displayed consciousness of guilt.
  • He was in it for the money and overlooked obvious warning signs.
  • Murray shipped Propofol to his girlfriend's apartment, not his clinic.
  • Murray doesn't keep records but for some reason records MJ's voice.
  • Two days later, Murray orders his largest drug shipment to date.
  • At 10:00 a.m. on June 25, 2009, Jackson requested Propofol.
  • After going to the bathroom, Murray saw MJ was not breathing.
  • He does not call 911 because to do so would be neglecting MJ.
  • He left a voicemail with Michael Amir Williams instead of calling 911.
  • He was putting Conrad Murray first. Maybe hiding evidence.
  • Murray was on a 23 minute call, suggesting MJ was on a drip.
  • He put his own interests before his patient, who paid the price.
  • He went into a police interview because he assumed cops found his bags in MJ's room, because a toxicology report would come out, and to do damage control.
  • He came forward for the self preservation of Conrad Murray. He came forward to get ahead of the story. Unfortunately his story doesn't match the evidence.
  • Propofol is used in a highly monitored setting. This is basic common sense. No one had ever heard of anyone using Propofol in a bedroom - ever - until this.
  • Every single doctor says they'd never have done what he did.
  • The exact timeline of the events of June 25, 2009 may never be know, but this is: MJ died of Propofol intoxication as a direct result of Murray's actions.
  • MJ was not reckless. He had a life ahead of him. He had the means to get Propofol himself but he didn't. He wanted a doctor monitoring him at all times.
  • Dr. Paul White, the defense "expert," presented nothing but junk science. It was disappointing. It was sad for science and moreover, for truth seeking.
  • MJ trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life. He paid with it. Dr. Conrad Murray lied, deceived, obscured and most of all acted with negligence.
  • Even if you accept the defense theory he is still responsible since it was entirely foreseeable. He is guilty of involuntary manslaughter because Conrad Murray abandoned his patient. Justice demands a guilty verdict.

The defense will try to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself. Whether they can convince enough jurors of that to free their client is another story.

Dr. Conrad Murray:

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