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Michelle “Bombshell” McGee says Kat Von D really shouldn’t have expected anything less than being cheated on by Jesse James repeatedly. Hey, she would know.

Just hours after Kat claimed James cheated on her with 19 women, McGee said she warned Von D days after her engagement that the relationship wouldn’t last.

She’s right, too. She did say that, and it didn’t last.

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Kat (left) probably won’t receive a sympathetic call from Bombshell (right).

“I’d have been surprised if they made it to the altar,” said McGee, who got a lot of mileage out of being railed by James while he was married to Sandra Bullock.

An an interview with TMZ Tuesday, McGee did not seem particularly sympathetic to Von D. That’s putting it mildly. She called her a “dumbass” and “irrelevant.”

“She got my sloppy seconds and her show got canceled … rough year, Kat Von Dude!”

Ouch. Although it’s more like sloppy 20ths at this point if we’re being technical.