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It turns out Judge Stephanie Sautner threw Lindsay Lohan a bone so she can help men everywhere get one – she’ll be allowed to finish her Playboy shoot before going to jail.

Playboy is paying nearly $1 million for its Lindsay Lohan nude spread, and has to meet deadlines. By bailing, she’d be in breach of contact … and more legal trouble.

So Judge Sautner cut her a break, giving her one week to surrender and begin her 30-day jail sentence. In the meantime, she’ll be giving Playboy the vadge of courage.

Regarding her sentence, Lohan is telling friends the deal is “very fair” and vowing to hold up her end of the deal so she doesn’t have to spend an extra 270 days in jail.

She was just given 30 days, of which she’ll likely serve less than half due to overcrowding and good behavior. But if she screws up her probation again, look out.

Obviously, going to jail “isn’t the most exciting thing” for LiLo, but she is happy she has the opportunity to control her own destiny and actually “respects” Sautner.

Actions speak louder than words, but good to hear.

Lindsay Lohan’s jail sentence:

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy: