Kurt Loder Calls Michael Jackson a Child Molester

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Former MTV News anchor Kurt Loder was asked to weigh in on the Conrad Murray verdict this morning in an interview, and shared his thoughts on the situation.

On Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning, Loder was asked if he thought MJ's death was a tragedy. He replied that it was, but that the star was also a child molester, so ...

Here's what Loder said on that topic, unprovoked:

"Its a shame how he grew up ... his childhood was a shame ... there are many sad aspects to his life ... on the other hand, I think he was a child molester," Loder said.

"That sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him."

Asked why he believed MJ molested kids, Loder cited Jackson's bizarre behavior and alleged secret payouts to parents, but did not go into specifics.

Regarding some of Michael's past actions, he said, "Having sleepovers with little boys, and you're a 40 year old man??? Uh, NO. You're like a child molester."

"Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood ... you can see why that might happen. On the other hand, molesting children is bad."

Do you agree with Loder's comments? Is he just telling it like it is, or out of line, given that it's unrelated to his death, and the allegations were never proven?


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