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Is Kate Middleton pregnant? We doubt it, given photo and anecdotal evidence.

Is she trying to get pregnant? That we cannot say with the same certainty!

“There have been reports to the contrary worldwide, but the fact is that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant,” insisted a royal aide close to Prince William and Kate Middleton. “Does she hope to be soon? I should say so.”

So … does that mean what we think it means?

Stormi Webster Speaks!!!

Possibly not. There’s another factor that could delay any royal family expansion.

“Prince William will be on active military duty in the Falkland Islands early next year, and there is no earthly way he would be assigned 8,000 miles from home if the Duchess of Cambridge were expecting,” explained a second palace insider.

That does make sense, to wait until the timing is right.

But the first source insists the time is right now:

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful, in this era of economic gloom, for an announcement to come shortly? I think it would be a terrific morale booster for the whole country,” he teased, half-seriously … no pressure whatsoever, Kate Middleton.

Amusingly, the source added this, re: the official announcement:

“There are not going to be leaks. There will be an announcement from Kensington Palace. Trust me, this is not going to be the sort of announcement that will be pre-empted by anyone hacking royal mobile phone voice messages.”

Well played, Palace insider. Well played.