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The ninth week of Dancing With the Stars’ 13th season saw Ricki Lake take the top spot back from J.R. Martinez, who had just done the same to her a week ago.

In the semifinal round, she came storming back from a so-so jive last week and notched a perfect 30 with her bouncy samba, catapulting her into the lead Monday.

The actress/talk show host then notched a 29 in the Argentine tango and another eight points in the cha-cha relay to finish with 67 out of a possible 70 overall.

Yeah, she’s safe tonight. Everyone else? Let’s find out in THG’s DWTS recap:

Surprisingly, it was Rob Kardashian who gave Ricki a run for her money.

Rob and Cheryl Burke’s sexy samba far out-ranked J.R. and Karina Smirnoff’s paso doble in round one, during which J.R. rei-njured his already sore ankle.

J.R.’s tango later transported Len Goodman “to the back streets of Buenos Aires” and he redeemed himself with a 27. But Rob K. did him one better again.

Not only did he earn his first 10 of the season last night, but he won the big prize up for grabs in the cha-cha relay, during which only one 10 was available.

Each couple danced one after another to the same song, resulting in a 4 for Hope, a 6 for J.R., an 8 for Ricki and a 10 for Rob, landing him firmly in second.

This guy has been such a surprise, and continues to improve. How many people would have pegged him for the finals, and a legitimate chance to win?

Hope Solo appears to be on the chopping block after last night.

Rob out-paced J.R., but he out-paced Hope, who was called out once again for not being very graceful heading in and out of Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s tricks.

Still, the couple was all smiles at the end of the night … not a given.

“Maks was smiling because we should be smiling!” the soccer star said. “So Carrie Ann, thank you, Maks was smiling. This is my partner. Finally, we’re happy!”

That’s good at least. Wonder if she will be during the results show. She’ll need help. Here’s a look at how Monday’s Dancing With the Stars scores shook out:

  1. Ricki Lake & Derek Hough (30, 29, 8) 67
  2. Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke (28, 27, 10) 65
  3. J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff (23, 27, 6) 56
  4. Hope Solo & Maks Chmerkovksiy (21, 24, 4) 49

Who do you think has danced his or her last routine? Do you agree with scores, top to bottom? Is there any way Maks and Hope don’t get the boot tonight?

Comment below, and vote for who you think will win!