The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Worst. Tea. Party. Ever.

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No matter how you might feel about the Tea Party, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed us one you definitely didn't want an invite to last night.

THG breaks down all the polite insults and sarcastic jabs in our +/- recap below!

Before we get to the party, we pick up where we left off last week with Kyle meeting Kim's soon to be live in beau, Ken. Minus 5 for walking into the room like she's being led to the guillotine. Then she says hello to the dog before acknowledging Ken.

Even to a huge animal lover, that seemed a little odd.

Do Come In

Kyle asks about the ring on Ken's finger. Kim tells her that it's the promise ring she gave him and Kyle snarks that it's still a wedding band. Minus 8. If the couple is calling it a promise ring then it's a promise ring. 

I don't know if Ken is the right guy for Kim or not but Kyle's attitude won't help either way. She says she's taking a page from their mother's book and isn't going to acknowledge Ken because she doesn't like him. Minus 10. The only thing that's going to do is alienate her sister more and drive her closer into this guy's arms. Why can't Kyle see that?

Paul's birthday seems like a lovely dinner for him and Adrienne but Minus 3 for the tedious argument over what Adrienne should order. If that's the most interesting moment of this dinner couldn't we have skipped the whole thing.

Just before we get to the tea party we have Taylor winning an award and inviting everyone but Lisa to the luncheon. Of course Lisa finds out. Taylor says she didn't want to hear "some backhanded compliment wrapped up in sarcasm."

Yeah, that sounds like Lisa but this is a cat fight waiting to happen.

Lisa Vanderpump Face

Of course Dana tells Taylor she did the right thing not inviting Lisa but that means nothing. Minus 5 because Dana will back anyone who is sitting directly in front of her.

Lisa says she still invited Taylor to her tea party because she didn't want to get into such "petty bullsh!t" but that lasts all of ten minutes. Minus 10 for confronting Taylor in front of everyone at the party. So not cool. This should have been handled in private between the two of them but then again, what fun would that be.

Taylor breaks down in tears accusing Lisa of talking behind her back and not being her friend. Adrienne makes some attempt to play moderator between the two but nothing helps. 

In all honesty, Lisa's just a gossipy know it all who likes to get in everyone's business and Taylor's troubled and fragile and takes everything personally. It's a little pathetic that a grown woman is brought to tears because someone claims she doesn't have friends. 

Things get awkward when Taylor tries to drag the rest of the ladies into her fight. Minus 7. Can you hear the crickets? Lisa's not my favorite person either but this was an event in Lisa's home so I can't say I blame them for trying not to choose sides.

Taylor Armstrong Face

Taylor storms out but then heads back in and things get even uglier. When she chastises the ladies for not being honest, Camille lets loose. Be careful what you ask for.

Camille drags out all the things they've kept quiet about for Taylor like the physical abuse she's been taking from her husband. Apparently he's even broken her jaw.

Minus 20 because it's all a little contemptible that we're parading out an abusive marriage and a man's last days before his suicide and labeling it as entertainment.

Like a train wreck it's hard to watch yet at the same time hard to look away. Ugh.

This episode may be over but the drama goes on.


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